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Frequently Asked Questions

What is relationship between Mastech and Acifica, Inc.?

Mastech is an established brand in variable DC power supplies with over 20 years of experience in making high quality regulated DC power supplies. Mastech DC power supplies are widely used by the engineering, scientific, and hobbyist community. Acifica, Inc. is the biggest volume seller of Mastech DC variable power supplies in US, and we carry the widest selection of regulated DC power supplies from Mastech. Mastech manufactures a wide selection of DC power supplies ranging from 18V and 3A (maximum power of 18X3=54W) to 30V and 50A (Max power 1500W). Below we will cover some of the key considerations for deciding if and which Mastech DC Power Supply best meet your potential needs.

What can I expect about the warranty service?

The manufacturer of Mastech regulated DC power supplies is based in China and does not have a warranty service center in US, so it's up to the seller to provide the warranty services. We at Acifica, Inc have been selling and servicing Mastech power supplies for almost 10 years, and have broad and deep knowledge about the power supplies we sell. We offer full one year parts and labor warranty on all of the Mastech DC power supplies we sell, and our knowledgeable staff are standing by to answer any technical or non-technical questions you might have with regard to the power supplies.

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